Celebrity Style White Socks

Kyle Jenner


White socks are always synonymous with style or are often worn by school children. Socks serve to warm when it’s cold and protect the feet from chafing due to friction when walking. But now socks are not only used as a function, now many Hollywood celebrities are using these white socks as a fashion item to enhance their appearance. Several artists such as Kyle Jenner, Kendal Jenner, Hailey Beiber, Kaia Gerber, Madison Beer, model Elsa Hosk and many others look beautiful, casual and cool wearing these white socks.

The artist who often wears white socks, one of which is Kendall Jenner, looks charming in a V. Kendall combines short white socks with black oxford shoes or white shoes, this is one of Kendall’s mainstay styles using white socks in her fashion. This time Kendal Jenner added these white socks to her fashion. Kendal who often combines shorts and a white shirt and looks beautiful wearing a black skirt and an oversized t-shirt.

Kendal Jenner

Hailey Beiber

Hailey Bieber is a Hollywood celebrity who is often seen wearing white socks. He always knows how to mix and match the outfits he wears. One thing that caught the attention was when she combined a lace bling dress with ruffled ankle socks and sneakers.

Madison Beer

Princess Diana

It was seen that Princess Diana had also worn these white socks in some of her outfits while playing tennis, Princess Diana was getting more beautiful and charming.

Elsa Hosk

Kaia Gerber

These white socks also look stylish when worn by the beautiful model Kaia Gerber. Kaia looks beautiful in a dazzling mint green dress suit with white shoes and white socks, simple but elegant and beautiful.


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