De Hijab Styles for Teens

The development of the fashion world, makes us like to explore ourselves to mix and match
prepare our best style in our appearance. Of course this is also a form of
us to be grateful and love ourselves more. Maximum appearance makes us also visible
more confident in their activities. For those of you who need more time outside with
meeting people outdoors of course you want to look charming with a cool style and
of course according to your young soul. Relax, the fashion world is now quite creative and growing rapidly so, with hijab you can look cool. Let’s follow some of the styles below.

  1. jumpsuit with simple shirt

hijab style using a white, black or jeans jumpsuit is quite interesting, you can pair it with a t-shirt
Long sleeves, plain fabrics in bright dark colors are perfect for this style. You can also put on a t-shirt
stripes that make this style even cooler. Coupled with booth shoes, the more maximal your style is, the more suitable it is for you
pair it with lace shoes because it looks cuter. You can wear pashmina in choosing this style,

2. Baggy Pants

baggy pants are very suitable for your young soul who still likes to explore themselves, seek a lot of experience and
expand the social environment. Pants with this model are suitable for you to wear because they are simple, but look cool.
The wide cavity at the bottom makes it easier for you to move around. You can add white sneakers
which makes your style more charming.

3. Pants Slightly Ripped
The style of the pants with a little tear at the knee makes you look cool, the style is a little tomboyish but looks
cool. You can pair it with a plaid shirt, plain shirt or a t-shirt that looks very simple but charming.
You can add sneakers in the shoe section.

4.Jeans jacket

Like in the young film series Dilan, where in the main character, Dilan really likes a jeans jacket when he is
go to school, you can copy this style for your outfit to school or college. Style with jeans jacket
can be paired with plain pants or a long black dress suit and many more. Add Hat
very beautiful look.

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