Easy on Me Singer Adele Looks Gorgeous in a New Style in Vogue 2021

Adele, a beautiful singer who is very amazing in her work in the music world, has just released the ballad genre song at midnight UK time Friday (15/10), Adele also became a Grammy-winning musician. The song, entitled Easy on Me, is a story about Adele’s struggle to maintain her marital relationship with her ex-husband Simon Konecki, which was not saved until the two of them divorced in 2019. Adele, in her song Easy on Me, said that she was willing to change herself for the sake of the two people she loved the most, namely her husband and child. The song Easy on Me concludes with moans of meditation about Adele’s childhood, failed marriages, Adele’s life lessons, and abandonment that ends in regret. “I’m just making moves and I’m not happy,” Adele said. “Neither of us did anything wrong. Neither of us hurt each other or anything. It’s simply because: I want my child to see I truly love, and be loved. This is very important to me.” (Adele filed for divorce in 2019.) “I’ve been on my way to finding my true happiness ever since.”

It’s not Adele if she doesn’t look amazing, this is the first time Adele has seen significant weight loss and looks more beautiful and charming. Adele had daily sessions of weight training and rigorous circuit training. When her anxiety peaked Adele was doing exercises twice a day, this she did for three years and counting. The world was in an uproar to see Adele’s significant change.

The singer who has tried hard to protect her voice, especially since 2011 Adele had surgery to stop a bleeding vocal cord, it looks like she really is back to find her spirit again. Not only in the world of music, this Some one like you singer looks even more stunning in the fashion world, Adele is the only person who can cover the two most powerful magazines at the same time England Vogue November issue wearing a Vivienne Westwood corset and American Vogue November issue wearing a Valentino Couture Gown which looks very beautiful and stunning. For the yellow dress that Adele wore, she chose the Dolce & Gabbana collection with corsetry-gown nuances. Accented straps on the back, super classic style. Not only that, there is a touch of bardot style neckline that makes him even more stunning and charming. Moreover, the gold brooch that is worn on the right side makes Adele even more elegant. The big green dress and Adele’s messy bun hair are sparkling. The green dress is known to be a Valentino Haute Couture design. Adele’s gaze is so sharp to the side with her right hand placed on her waist with the other hand pressing against the wall. This fierce pose is interpreted by many people as a symbol of the new Adele. Adele is now stronger and more confident.




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