Dior Men Fall 2022 Menswear Fashion Show

Dior Men was brought by Kim Jones to his hometown of London, for the Kensington Olympia this December. Kim Jones brought together a diverse local community and young designers as well as students and international guests to attend a show at the Christian Dior house.Based on his obsession with Jack Kerouac in the novels on the road and the Beat generation.

His work this time is from a study of the cool and dominant subversive countercultures on both sides of the Atlantic after World War II in the late 1950s. His work brings back memorable teenage memories of being taken by his parents when he saw the Beat Museum in San Francisco, which houses Kerouac’s collection of tweed jackets among his few relics. Which combines loose-fitting clothes and shorts with a mix of casual and sporty American style with French style precision and perfection, then Kim adds luxury with glitter threads on the sweater and headgear.

His “Beat Collection” was the first haute couture show that dared to mark the rise of a rebellious and expressive youth culture.But youth always win, no matter how hard they try. The Beat Generation that began to signify anti-establishment, destruction, and the energy of the power of young people who evolved themselves through the things they like such as sex, drugs, drinking, jazz, and created a language and style that was contrary to the values ​​of today’s social norms. Perhaps that was the subconscious message Jones had in mind for the children who witnessed his work on bringing the freewheeling freedom of ’50s Americana up to date style for today’s generation in “every day from a suitcase that is unpacked in a different way.” Let’s take a look at Kim Jones’ collection this time.

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