Hair Color Inspiration for Women 2021

It’s time to give a new touch to your style at the end of this year, if you need a new energy, you can do it on your hair, you can make a more cheerful color in your hairstyle, let’s try it.

  • Pink

The bright pink color that was once inspired by the hair style of singer Avril Lavigne, the bright pink color makes your mood more cheerful. This style looks very feminine and cheerful. This pink color makes you look younger and vibrant again.


  • Blue

An elegant blue color can be an option for your hairstyle, a color that tends not to be too bright if in the room makes you look glamorous and cool. Makes the owner look more graceful.

  • Purple

Almost the same as blue, purple is also sweet enough to make your days at the end of the year more colorful, a sweet color can be mixed with blue like a galaxy from the sky, or mixed with yellow it looks sweet too.

  • Silver Gold

The last color you can try is silver gold, a contemporary style that you can apply in your hairstyle. You can dye the lower part of your hair and leave the upper part looking black which makes your style even cooler. Looks very charming.

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