Keep Looking Cool While Exercising

The weekend is just around the corner, what’s on the agenda for this weekend, going for a walk, relaxing, or exercising this weekend, of course, activities that can make you happier. It would be nice to use this holiday time for positive activities such as exercising. Sports such as the gym, running, swimming or cycling make you more excited and fit, of course. There is a saying that behind a healthy body there is a strong soul. So even exercising, you can choose a cool outfit to make your day more excited. This time we will discuss fashion ideas that can make your appearance even cooler.

1. Colorful Outfit

Bright and colorful colors are quite cheerful when used, you can choose colorful leggings to make your style cooler, colorful leggings are unique and make you look different and cool. You can add a plain top so that people will focus on your colorful pants.



2. Pastel Outfit

Wearing a typical white sports jacket top, then peach color shorts and army green leggings or other colors that look simple but cool. For the hijab, choose a neutral color like black, typical of a sports hijab.

3. Jacket

This hat jacket looks quite cool when worn, can be black, gray, navy blue and others. This look is also quite cool to use for those who wear hijab.

4. Simple Look

The appearance of this simple t-shirt with a plain color and no pattern is also quite comfortable to wear when exercising, for those of you who don’t want to be adventurous in style, you can choose this style.



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