La Double J Pre Fall Fashion 2021

Welcome to meet again with fashion lovers wherever you are, it feels really fast time flies, it’s time to pass the days happier. For Muslims this month is the month to be anticipated, the holy month of Ramadan which is awaited with full of blessings. What are the plans for the next few days, there have been many appointments with family friends to do iftar together, or just play together before breaking the fast. Of course moments like this cannot be celebrated every month, there are times when we use that moment for reunions or gathering with family and distant friends. For those of you who need a unique touch of style with cheerful motifs, you can try La Double J for you to mix and match with your outfit. Motifs with bright color characteristics and pictures of flora and fauna will make your style unique, of course, will make your appearance even more charming and cheerful. Unique motifs that you can mix with plain colors on your clothes. Good luck and experimenting.


Rianna + Nina RTW Fall 2021

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