Mix and Match Street Style According to Taste  

Street style is a style created from youth culture, so this fashion is a style created by young people who are seen on the streets. With the development of social media making style inspiration easier to access, recently there was a video tik tok containing street style styles of young people in various countries. Fashion styles that are created from this culture, street styles grow from the streets, not from fashion shows or designers. Generally street styles are created by young people with their own fashion sense, so this style is unique and different.

Along with the development of street styles, this style is starting to be noticed by famous fashion designers. For example, tights from the punk style are one of the items that are widely used in high fashion. There are also hip hop styles that have developed into a multibillion dollar industry. And some designers have adopted street style into their collections, the designers admit that street style brings a new touch to the world of fashion. Here are men’s street styles in 2021, hopefully they can inspire your style today. 


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