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Are you one of those guys who like Korean style? For you lovers of Korean dramas, lovers of Korean style, many men follow Park Seo Joon’s hairstyle in Itaewon Class. You can mix and match your style with a hype and cool Korean style, fashion item recommendations and ways to choose Korean style for men. So that your appearance can look cooler and stylish, let’s choose your style.

Oversized Cuban Shirt is suitable for those of you who want to look casual and semi-formal

This outfit is indeed trending again, the Cuban Shirt is a shirt with a material that is more relaxed and seems to fall right off when worn. The collar is open and has a short cut at the sleeves. If you use a slightly oversized size, it will give the impression of being relaxed but still looking neat. This Korean style is suitable for semi-formal occasions, hanging out or dinner. This men’s Korean style, can be combined with trousers (trousers). Also steadfast belt and shirt into the pants.


It doesn’t feel really Korean if you haven’t tried the colorful look

This color block trend in men’s Korean style clothes is very popular with boys in Korea. The point is to choose a brightly colored outfit and seem to collide. The key to success in choosing this men’s Korean fashion style is that you have to be brave to experiment with colors.

Hip Hop Shirts are the best for looking cool

Hip Hop Shirts are cool style and impressed with dope fashion style. T-shirt models like this are more often used by young people in Korea. The hallmark of this style is the use of oversized and long shirts that fall below the waist. Some of these men’s Korean style clothes are usually designed with various picture motifs. It is also recommended to only wear jeans, so that the cool and cool vibes are more pronounced.


Are you lazy to choose outfits? Cardigan and Basic Shirt have helped your style the most

Well Cardigan is already the most beautiful to choose as your outer. With soft wool, you can mix and match it with basic t-shirts.The cardigan itself in Korea has become one of the must-have outers for boys there. Even until now, this outer is still common when used as a Korean men’s style 2020. Long lasting style in Korea.


Cooler like a Korean boy with your favorite Striped Tee

If you prefer men’s Korean style clothes that are basic and not too glamorous, Striped Tee or Striped Shirt can be the most appropriate choice. T-shirts with horizontal stripes are the easiest when paired with subordinates, such as light jeans or trousers.


Finally, there is an inspiration for men’s Korean style for those of you who are on vacation

Style inspiration for Korean-style men’s clothing when you’re on vacation. So, this recommendation is very simple. You can wear crew neck tops, short pants, and sneakers in the same color. For a chill and casual look, combine it with colored socks (if necessary), add sunglasses and a hat. Also pay attention to the Korean men’s hair style if you want to be more similar. Let’s experiment.

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