Simple Hijab Style that is not Complicated

Looking simple is not always easy, sometimes we are also a little dizzy to choose the style that we will wear for our daily outfits, wrongly, we will never change clothes if the style is the same. Maybe you who always appear as you are with a t-shirt and jeans are the style of choice that is already comfortable with your favorite outfit, without intending to try other styles. The most important of all is that your confidence will increase when you choose this stylish outfit.To strengthen your intentions, who don’t like looking weird, you can try some simple hijab styles that are anti-complicated but still very cool to use for fashion lovers.

It’s as simple as wearing a striped shirt, dark blue jeans are effective in making contrast and more fashionable. 

You can be stylish with a striped shirt that is in your closet, you can pair it with jeans or nude colored pants, the hijab can be of the same color or different colors as it is important to stay cool. If you are bored with the look of your shirt, you can tuck the left end of your shirt into your pants and leave the right one hanging down, this style is guaranteed to be very cute. You can also hit the color to make your appearance more stylish.


Also choose an outer or a plaid shirt for a more edgy look.

Complete it with a black hijab and sneakersYou can choose an edgy style look with a plaid or outer shirt, this style makes your style look simple but still cool, don’t forget to add sneakers that make you more comfortable doing activities, good luck.

Outsmarting an overly casual look with a brightly colored outer like this can be a brilliant idea for a walk 

You can also add an outer with a cute pattern, making your appearance look more youthful and adorable, of course. You can add glasses or other accessories.

Adapting the look of this hijaber, the courage to combine the hijab of many colors with the same tone in one look. 

Looks ‘crowded’, but still naturalYou can choose a beautiful coral or nude color for a simple and charming style.


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