Stunning World-Class Haute Couture Fashion Style

Haute couture in French has a meaning of high-level stitches or high-class stitches. The term haute couture is a more exclusive fashion creation. Haute couture is a dress that is made only by one in the world, which is produced in custom sizes according to the buyer’s request. with characteristics based on the specifics of each customer, haute couture is also made with high-quality materials, expensive materials, and is done in great detail usually 3-6 months in the process, not infrequently even with manual techniques using hand sewing.

The price of one design is 300 million rupiah to infinity, only for world women who don’t want to dress the same as anyone.The term Haute couture was originally used exclusively made by fashion houses only for fashion in France under the auspices of the French Ministry of Industry, and often has a unique design meaning to increase the country’s foreign exchange income as well as to promote fashion traditions and culture throughout the world created to clients with high social status.

The term haute couture itself is legally protected and regulated by a committee called the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture based in Paris, France. Haute couture has a permanent membership of 16 brands including :

  1. Adeline Amdre
  2. Alexandre Mabille
  3. Alexis Mabille
  4. Bouchra Jarrar
  5. Chanel
  6. Christian Dior
  7. Frank Sorbier
  8. Giambatista Valli
  9. Givenchy
  10. Jean Paul Gaultier
  11. Julien Fournie
  12. Maison Margiela
  13. Maison Rabih Kayrouz
  14. Maurizio Galante
  15. Schiapareli
  16. Stephane Rolland

All are required to follow the rules from the ministry, including having a studio, having a minimum of 20 permanent employees of French citizenship, being required to attend fashion shows at haute couture weeks in January and July and every fashion show at least 35 sets of designs, each design must use French-made materials. Here are among them.

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