The charms of Jisoo and Rose who look charming at Paris Fashion week 2022

The prestigious fashion week Paris Fashion Week 2022 is back. Paris Fashion Week 2022 which is highly anticipated by many people. This event was held on 27 September 2021. In fact, Blackpink is also quite waiting for his presence at this event. The reason is, each of the blackpink members is a global ambassador of a well-known fashion brand who participated in enlivening Paris fashion week.

jisoo and Rose Blackpink themselves are known to have just attended to participate in Paris Fashion Week 2022 last September. Both attended as representatives of the brand asking them to be its ambassadors. It was seen that Dior took Jisoo to be the brand ambassador while Saint Laurent (YSL) was for Rose.

In Paris Fashion Week 2022, the appearance of Blackpink’s Jisoo and Rose also managed to attract public attention. Both of them themselves attended Paris Fashion Week representing their brand on September 28, 2021 local time. Both, Jisoo and Rose Blackpink also briefly became a trending topic on social media.

Reported on Dior’s official Instagram account, in 2021, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo officially became the global brand ambassador for Dior Beauty and Fashion from Dior. Grazia Chiuri as creative director of the Dior Women’s Collection revealed that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has inspired her to design the Dior collection this Fall 2021. Grazia Chiuri also mentioned that the Dior collection in the fall of this year carries the theme of Contemporary Feminism that matches the graceful and beautiful face and character of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. At Paris Fashion Week, Jisoo wore clothes from Grazia Chriuri with embroidered Greek Goddess Athena and added a micro Lady Bag and plump high heels.

No less charming than other members, Rose Blackpink was also present on the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2022 runway at Paris Fashion Week a few hours after Jisoo. Incidentally Rose became the brand ambassador of Saint Laurent, Rose was seen wearing a black mini dress and booth shoes, Rose also added a ribbon to her hair, it looked very beautiful and elegant. Don’t forget Rose added a Gold necklace with a beautiful chain.


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