The handsome Seon Ho at Home Town Cha Cha Cha KDrama

Actor Kim Seon-ho who is loved by women, especially after starring in a drama series with Sin Min Ah, namely Home Town Cha-Cha-Cha. Of course, who is not fascinated by Seon Ho’s handsome face. But recently it became the center of netizen conversation after his name was dragged into the news of actor K who was hit by an unpleasant issue. The issue comes a day after the final episode of his drama series Hometown ChaChaCha, premiered on Netflix. In the drama, Kim Seon-ho at home town cha cha cha plays Hong Du-sik. He is an unemployed man who sometimes takes on various jobs and likes to help everyone in the village.

Drama series that are funny, sad and have a romantic side that will make all the viewers get carried away in the atmosphere.Seon ho also starred in several films before home town chacha-cha yaiti Chief Kim / Good Manager (2017), 100 Days My Prince (2018), Welcome to Waikiki 2 (2019), Catch the Ghost (2019) and Start Up (2020) . Also starred in several commercials namely canonkorea, everwhite and many more.Here are some photos of Seon ho and his stunning and enchanting style, hopefully the problem will be resolved soon and come back soon to decorate the Korean drama screen again.



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