The Idea Mix and Match Batik Clothes on National Batik Day

Today October 2 is celebrated as National Batik Day, the first batik day was sparked in 2009, meaning National Batik Day has reached the age of 12 years. Batik Day is commemorated every October 2 as a celebration and a form of gratitude for the establishment of Batik as a legacy culture by UNESCO. On this day the government also recommends its employees, private and public to participate in wearing batik. Let’s join in posting to your social media as your love for Nusantara batik. It is appropriate for fashion lovers, especially Indonesia, to participate in preserving it so that it continues to exist.

Batik fashion is not old-fashioned and as fashion lovers and children of the nation, it is proper to start creating their works and creativity in batik to make it look modern, fashionable and not out of date. That culture can be lost when the residents do not participate in preserving it, because batik is a culture, it has become a shared responsibility in preserving batik.

Batik is accompanied by unique motifs and philosophies contained in it, each stroke and motif carries its own meaning in each work. For those of you who are wearing batik today or will wear batik, you can wear some of the styles below. Batik can be an outer and a long cardigan, you can mix it with pants that match your batik top or add black underwear to make it more beautiful. You can also choose batik pants or batik skirts that you can combine with a plain blouse. In addition, jeans can also contribute to make your style even cooler. Another idea you can add a batik belt, antique, shoes or batik bag. Besides looking unique, batik is cool and global.


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