Trend for Women’s Hair Color 2021

The year 2020 has already tried several trendy hair colors that are a favorite of many people, this year it’s time to explore new styles that can add to your look even cooler. If yesterday you have prepared a summer style, it won’t feel like if you have a new hairstyle too. Hairstyles will make your appearance cooler combined with your favorite outfit of choice. You can try the hair colors below, who knows you can be a trend setter for those around you. Some of the hair color trends in 2021 include:

Silver hair

Hairstyles with gray color to look really cool can be your 2021 hairstyle choice.

Bright Blonde

Bright color choices make your hair color look less dull. You can choose this color for the 2021 color style.


Honey Blonde

The brown color at the roots will give your hair a unique warm and natural sensation.

Auburn Hair

A bold, warmer red color that tends to turn auburn is one of the hairstyles that you can try in 2021.

Chunky Highlights

A hairstyle that is only in a few sections of hair so that it looks cool chunky.

Pastel pink

Choosing a warm and sweet pastel pink color will keep your hair looking cute even though your real hair will continue to grow.


You can mix this style with a shaggy cut, this hair makes highlights in all parts of the hair which will make the hair more beautiful.

Ash Blonde style

The hairstyle with dark ash blonde color will make your hair look chic and classy.

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