Trendy Micro Bag for Women’s Style in 2021

The world’s designers are getting wilder in innovating and issuing their ideas and creativity, The proof is that recently a fantastic work has appeared, if women usually wear bags with models a tote bag that can fit several items, this time a world-renowned designer made a super small bag that often called microbags. This super duper small bag is becoming popular because of its cute and funny shape. What can you bring in that super duper little bag? Of course, only cards or safety pins maybe, but it doesn’t make bag fans recede to love this model bag, fashion lovers use this micro bag to make it as an additional accessory to their outfit.

Historically, this mini bag is a symbol of the elite, who can carry such a tiny accessory because they have a maid staff for accommodate their remaining needs. But now, it’s become our collective penchant for accessories that are will collect the most liked things on Instagram or social media.

But don’t be fooled by the size of this bag. There are several designs from world famous designers, there’s a party-ready cut by Degreeeh Mizrahi and Amina Muaddi, then a scaled-down version of the iconic silhouette by Louis Vuitton and Givenchy until there is also a small bag to suit any chosen fashion style. Let’s have a look and Read on for our edit of the best designer mini bags to come take you throughout the year.


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