Unique Styles of Shoes and Sandals at Paris Fashion Week

There are other things that are also noticed in appearance besides clothes and bags, namely footwear in the form of sandals or shoes, this is also very noticed on the stage of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022, many designers are competing to show off their new experiments and creativity in designing ideas. and new ideas in his work. For example, for Maison Margiela, who focuses on her Wellington boots, here are some variations of their Tabi ankle boot. Raf Simons also exhibited his work, this time Raf Simons made more formal derbies than the usual collaboration sports shoes released. Meanwhile, other brands such as Givenchy, COMME des GARÇONS, Lanvin, also exist on the runway with their new collections. Some of his collections are included in the list of the best footwear from the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. If you like new ideas in appearance, you can check out some of the most unique footwear lines that will exist in Paris Fashion Week 2022 this time.


Another unique footwear designed by Safa Sahin is the Balmain sandal, although many say this collection is similar to the Yeezy, there are some differences between them, such as the round sole on the shoe that appears to be made of rubber, with a large soft padded leather cover on top so that our feet stay in place. Some models come with a debossed interlinking lock. Some also have the Balmain branding from gold foil. And regardless of the design.


Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Presenting the collection in several new iterations. including his collection inspired by the Batman mask depicted in his oversized tongue The Curb Sneaker was a twist for Lanvin when it was first released last year, and the ’90s Osiris D3-esque sneaker is back.


Before showing his clear collection display in the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Matthew M Williams who is the Designer, Givenchy, had leaked the sneaker look he designed at the end of last month, them. Many people say that this sneaker is similar to the Yzy Knit Rnnr, although it looks similar, but Givenchy’s work is made with a more structured and looks like many things to consider when compared to Kanye’s sneakers. For example, the entire body of the shoe is made of finely knitted material from the sole to the upper.


The fashion show from Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week is perhaps one of the best shows.Balenciaga comes in its unique shoe, a gothic-style platform with a classic clog-like design, Balenciaga again collaborated with Crocs to present it. The difference is, this platform makes it look four inches taller when compared to Crocs in general, and looks to have metal plates and the body of the shoe This 3D-printed slip-on Uni-piece is thick with an aura of medieval style.


In the Spring/Summer 2022 Paris Fashion Week collection, Kawakubo’s brand again presents Salomon. Several styles have made its way into the shoe collection, which features slip-on sneakers from black nylon and white mesh to a stripped-back triple sneaker. There is also something more interesting, namely the shoes are combined with branded socks in the shoes that look together, even though the shoes are a separate low-top style.


Julius and Victor Juul are reinventing the collection in their metal-coated heels in a men’s shoe by offering a more aesthetic and utilitarian look in the heel and outsole. The black lace low-top clog also showcases the Heliot Emil soft-sided shoe style, which can give a traditional feel.


The most astonishing collaboration of the season goes to Miu Miu x New Balance. The reason is, even though many collaborating brands dominate the sneaker industry today, there are rarely collaborations with luxury brands like Miu-miu did. With the idea of ​​taking the collection model 574, Miu Miu decorated the sneakers with white and beige tones complemented by distressed and frayed uppers on the shoes, looking very unique and beautiful. The Miu Miu moniker also adorns the tongue tag on the shoe which has a hint of NB branding, while the rubber outsole on the shoe completes it.



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