Wedding Make Up Inspiration for 7 Indonesian Artists

Make-up is an important thing in marriage, in general, many women choose the right and suitable make-up that she uses in a once-in-a-lifetime moment in her life. Many women want to look beautiful and look charming at their wedding. So many women choose charming makeup and display an unforgettable look for the rest of their lives. Here are a selection of wedding makeup from several Indonesian artists that can inspire you in choosing makeup at your wedding later.

1. Nikita Willy with her bold make up

The beautiful artist Nikita Willy, who is officially married to Indara Priawan, chose Bold makeup that looked stunning. Nikita chose Dirias by makeup artist Marlene Hariman, Nikita used glamorous makeup with red lipstick that matched the kebaya she was wearing. Marlene didn’t add eye shadow with a flashy color. Balancing with her lipstick, Marlene chose eyeshadow chopper to make up Nikita Willy’s eyelids. To emphasize Niki’s eyes, Marlene added false eyelashes that were quite thick and thick. In order to still highlight the natural beauty of her face, Marlene uses blush and contouring that are not made thick. In her marriage, Nikita chose Minang custom which was added by Suntiang on her head.


2. Lesty Kejora

Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar just held a wedding celebration on Sunday, August 29, 2021. The singer of the song “Kejora” looked beautiful and charming in a dress designed by designer Hian Tjen. Her appearance was enhanced with makeup from Makeup Artist Marlene Hariman.Through Instagram, Marlene admitted that she did not use a special concept when applying Lesti’s makeup for yesterday’s wedding. Everything flows according to input from Lesti. Lesti looked elegant and charming at the wedding celebration.


3. Isyana Saraswati

Isyana Sarasvati entrusted the makeup look at her wedding to two reliable MUAs subscribed to by artists, namely Marlene Hariman and Bubah Alfian. Marlene was trusted by Isyana to do her makeup for the wedding ceremony, while for the reception, Isyana chose Bubah Alfian. Look charming in a traditional Javanese kebaya and bun

4. Aurel Hermasyah

Aurel Hermansyah looks beautiful and elegant in the procession of her marriage contract with Atta Halilintar. Dressed in a white kebaya with silver sequins from the Vera Kebaya collection, and a crown by Rinaldy A Yunardi, her makeup successfully completed Aurel’s appearance. Aurel’s face got a magical touch from makeup artist Bennu Sorumba, who looked beautiful and elegant. Nude makeup that looks focused on the eyes, but still soft with a nude lipstick look that makes this wedding ceremony look elegant.


5.Ririn Dwi Ekawati

Still with the make up artist Marlene Hariman, the make up artist chosen by Ririn in her marriage to Ibnu Jamil. Looking beautiful in a gown from hiantjen and hairdo noe onhair made Ririn’s appearance look more charming and beautiful. Flawless’s charming makeup makes Ririn look elegant and beautiful.



Raisa chose Sundanese traditional clothes in her wedding, Raisa Andriana and Hamish Daud in their wedding chose natural makeup. Again, Raisa entrusted her wedding makeup to Marlene Harimun, Raisa looked natural with pink lipstick that was not too bright, as well as a choice of light pink blush. Meanwhile, Raisa chose very soft and natural eye makeup.


7.Felicya Angelista

Feli chose natural makeup when he married Immanuel Caesar Hito. He appointed a makeup artist (MUA) subscribed to by the artists, namely Vuva Melianti Susanto to do her makeup on her special wedding day. Nute flawless princess make up makes Feli’s face even more beautiful and charming.

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