Women’s Make Up Trend in 2021

  1. Red Hot Lipstick

The red color that bursts on the lips is a timeless color in the world of fashion make-up, the color that makes you look charming and sexy makes the woman’s side look even more charming.

2. Smokey Eyes

The play of color on the eyes with smokey eyes makes the eyes sharper and dramatic, of course you can choose to be your favorite makeup in 2021.


3. Berry nice lipstick

Applying a touch of berry-colored lipstick in a blotting technique will add a subtle impression, this color that is Rachel Hardie’s favorite makes her look even more charming with a choice of berry lipsticks,

4. Eyebrown Slits

Brows are also the center of attention in 2021, you can make these eyebrown slits with a side texture that will make your eyebrows distinct and trendy.

5. Felin Liner

The line beside the eye that looks like a cat’s eye looks even more charming, making your eyes look sharper and brighter.



6. Radiant Glow Skin

Keeping skin healthy and glow will be very exciting in 2021, because people will prefer glow skin over matte.



7. The 80’s Make up is back

Playing colors for eye makeup such as pink, yellow, orange and others are fun creations that make us remember the style trends in the 80s, you can also play on matte, shimmer and gloss.

8. Juicy Skin

Glowing and glowing skin is becoming a trend in 2021, which used to be more like matte, now the trend in 2021 looks more radiant.

9. Under Eyes Sparkle

Making glitter under the eyes is fun you can apply to your style in 2021.

10. Rock n’Rohl

The makeup on the eyes makes your style look sharper and more charming.



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