September 30, 2022

7 Best Street Fashion Style 2022

For style inspiration this time, get the inspiration for the best style of street style 2022, Women’s fashion styles that you can apply in your everyday style, a new style and it’s pretty cool you use it later. The first is the style with a blue coat or coat colored with a short cut in the front like a skirt and long in the back that dangles like flying wings. Paired with brown ankle booth shoes that make the appearance is getting cooler, don’t forget the unique nude colored rattan bag which is one of the steal the attention of fashion connoisseurs, don’t forget to wear an antique that is big enough to make this mix of styles looks complete.


The fashion style of the two women above with different vertical and horizontal stripes motifs, The style of the striped motif never dies even though the style is growing all the time, The rather large stripe motif on the skirt is complemented by the added brown shoes and bag black socks that look good, you can also choose a line style small lines make your body looks progressively higher. Don’t forget to add a hat and glasses, it’s ready to look cool today.

A simple style that is safe but doesn’t look plain, with black pants and a blazer, which is added The hoodie on the inside is added with sneakers and a matching color bag to make a cool simple look.

This super cool pink suit was added with red sneakers and a shoulder bag, very sweet, feminine and hic for women’s style choice,

Who says tampi with a negligee can’t make you look cool, the proof is the street style look this time, This negligee dress that can be added with an outer or an oversized sweater makes your appearance unusual, This look is pretty cool with black booth shoes and a tote bag, so there’s no excuse not to look cool every day.

If you like a slightly masculine style, you can copy the style above, style it with a black tank top.You can choose a leather jacket for your style this time, complete with oversized jeans make you look a little masculine. To make your feminine side come out mix it with heels or slipper or flatshoes.

The last style with plaid even though the style looks a bit classic but this is pretty cool for the road or just hangout with friends, also add a black bag, so nice. Hopefully this can add to the collection and new ideas for your style today.

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