September 30, 2022

8 Scarf Style Ideas You Must Try

  1. Neck scarf style ideas

This soft and cool little guy is certainly no stranger to fashion enthusiasts, a soft thin cloth that is often called a scarf, which is generally used as a head covering, is now starting to develop rapidly in the fashion world, one of which is used on the neck, a scarf will add the appearance is cooler and of course sweeter so that the appearance does not look plain, you can try this style in the outfit of your choice, semi-formal you can use it for the office or for a walk.

2. Bandana scarf style

This scarf style as a bandana is certainly very popular among fashion lovers, it is used as a headdress but also protects your head from the sun and dust, plus glasses make your appearance more charming.

3. Scarf as a head hair tie

Scarf is a small versatile item that also functions very well as a headband and hair braid, the silky material is very unique to wear as a headband, can be used as a decoration and works well.


4. As a bracelet

The scarf turns out to be quite cute as a bracelet on your hand, the unique and colorful motif is cool enough to be used as a bracelet decoration on your hand, for those of you who like a unique style, you must try this bracelet using this scarf.

5. Shoe and anklet decoration

For those of you who are looking for new ideas for your plain shoe style, you can add a scarf as a shoelace or anklet, unique and different, this style can be a new idea in choosing the fashion style you want to choose.

6. Bag decoration

Scarf can also be used as a hanger or bag decoration, if you want a unique and different look, you can add a scarf in the bag that you will wear today. So beautiful.

7. Vest

It turns out that a scarf can also be used as a vest, if you run out of style ideas, try wearing a scarf in your outfit, it will certainly look cooler and more charming.

8. Earrings

If you have earrings and want to look new, try adding a scarf on your earrings, of course they will look more unique and cool. What ideas can you use using a scarf? happy expression.

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