Jennie Coco Crush Chanel 2022

The story of Coco Crunch’s name comes from geometric or oppressive motifs originating from a long-standing equestrian culture in Europe, in the geometric pattern elements there are crosses and cross patterns.These are called crushes. Crush as a sign of resistance in freedom of thought, choice of life and all things that hinder development. The quilted motif in the coat of arms of the House since 1955, flattens and clears the incisions that reach the soft curved surface of the COCO CRUSH creation. A collection of jewelry that combines strength and delicacy, density, simplicity, tenderness and precision.

Jennie, who is Chanel’s brand ambassador, really likes ring accessories, which are made of Chanel’s unique white gold or cream gold, along with earrings. The jewelery designs, launched in the Chanel Coco Crush 2022 collection, are necklaces, hoop earrings and diamond rings.

Chanel added shimmering gems in a variety of gorgeous sizes and randomly positioned them along the band to recreate the effect of light in jewelry that shined like snow. You can get collections from this channel via and check out some of the collections below.


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