Layering Fashion for a Cool Style that Looks Different

Hi fashion lovers wherever you are, do you have any new ideas for your style this February, if you are confused and bored with your clothing style that is too plain and ordinary, you can choose this layering style of dress, this style is characterized by wearing several piles of clothes. In one style, when you wear a shirt you can wear a cardigan on the outside. Layering is a technique of stacking several clothes which are usually combined with a minimalist concept. Usually choosing a soft or monochromatic color is the key. However, it is possible that there are also those who try to apply this layering technique with pieces of patterned clothing and vibrant colors. You can look very fashionable with this dress style. This time we will discuss how to choose a style with the following techniques are some tips:

– Choose materials that are structured and use monochromatic motifs Choosing a monochromatic

color tone or having the same shade is the key in wearing minimalist clothes. To make your appearance not look ordinary and boring, don’t immediately combine tops, outers, and bottoms with one color tone. You can also make sure the pieces of material are different in texture and material.

– Choose the first layer with a thin material

Choosing a material that is comfortable when used, thin material and absorbs sweat is one way that is comfortable in choosing this style. So that when you move, you will not be flooded with sweat and feel hot.

– Choosing a white shirt as a safe style choice

White shirts are very suitable to be combined with a variety of colors and textures, but it would be nice to choose white with a thin material so that it remains comfortable and absorbs sweat.

– Play with patterns but still look minimalist

You can choose this layering style with a patterned clothing style, but you really have to learn a lot in mixing and matching styles, you can choose a style with a vest or cardigan that still looks minimalist.

– The last layer of style doesn’t always have to be something heavy

Keep trying in choosing a style, one thing you need to remember, layering techniques don’t always use something heavy. The key in choosing a layering style is to keep it minimal, effortless, light but still stylish with the pile of clothing pieces you choose. Let’s explore your style.

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