Monochrome Inspiration from Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2022

Still with the series of Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2022, an event that was attended by 24 well-known world designers who helped organize JMFWSo far there are 15 fashion associations that will be involved in this event. This Muslim fashion event is expected to be able to create diversity and diversity, so that tolerance and new values ​​and business are created. In addition to the colorful hijab design, it turns out that there is something interesting in the mulim fashion design at Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2022, a series of black and white monocrom hijab collections that make some of these Muslim fashion works cool and charming. This black and white fashion season is quite charming, a collection of asymmetrical blends, black colors and cool motifs combined with black and white. Some of his works also use polka-dot motifs, lace and the addition of a belt that is getting cooler. Here are some collections from Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2022.

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