September 30, 2022

Nanushka 2022 Summer/Spring Collection

Inspired by her childhood memories of Budapest, her childhood country house, Sandra Sandor shifts her collection ideas back to the city for spring. Her summer collection is called Harmónia, after her childhood memories in Budapest. Sandor plays on his collection this time with Hungarian craft and symbolism in his lineup. Inspiration from the environment itself shows a different side of summer. Sandor tailors his core stitches and knitwear collections to match current trends, such as workwear and cutouts. The use of buttons on his collection looks very effective at opening and men’s sets in terrycloth are unexpected in a good way. The cut “tablecloth” combined with Kalotaszegi embroidery feels airy and connected to everyday life. A printed and knitted look with traditional kopjafa iconography, a crescent moon, including flowers, and stars (denoting a mourning atmosphere) with added branding, such as the gothic N for Nanushka. For those of you who want to buy the collection, you can check it at are some of the collections.

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