September 30, 2022

Polka-dot Style Ideas for a Chic Look in 2022

The Polka-dot style is indeed a style that never fades, the style that emerged in the 18th century is indeed endless, every year it still exists and is very cool to be adopted for clothing choices. This polka dot style can be an idea in choosing a style. You can combine your polka dot pants with a jacket, sweater or coat, it doesn’t always have to be plain, a striped sweater is cool enough to combine with a polka dot style, although to be safe it is combined with other plain clothes. Or combine large patterned polka dots with small patterned polka dots, this will not make your style lame but even more unique.

For a sweetener you can add a belt or flat shoes, heels and beautiful bags. This polka dot style is also suitable to be combined with floral motifs and other motifs. The most important thing in every mix and match style is confidence in yourself so that it makes you more daring in expressing yourself. Don’t be afraid to look unsuitable, maybe your style today will become a trend the next day, happy expression.



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