Rugged Style for Cool Men in 2022



Rugged style is defined by its versatility and complete functionality. Rugged menswear never sacrifices in terms of function, function is definitely a little more subtle than it seems. For those of you who like a simple and functional style, this style is still pretty cool for you to choose in 2022. A man from childhood is educated to grow up to be a real man. Parents always instill the idea that men must have masculine, dashing, tough, and brave characters. So that when children go through their journey as adults, these characters develop into complex identities. Men want to be leaders or role models who have mature and wise character. This ideology became known as the rugged personality. The appearance chosen by men turns into self-identity. Men began to change appearances that could reflect their rugged side as real men. It is this background that makes the fashion world give birth to the term Rugged Style. Rugged style is a style of appearance that shows the masculine side of a man through his style of dress and eventually develops so that it becomes the clothing trend that is chosen and most loved by men to this day. Here are some cool rugged styles for men.

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