September 30, 2022

Soft Pink Color Idea with Korean Style

Hi pinkers, lovers of pink wherever you are, lovers of soft colors and feminism, this time we will discuss clothing ideas with soft pink and soft ink rose colors that you can apply with the Korean look style, Korean girls look attractive, elegant and cute when wearing pink, for those of you who like pink, you can choose a variety of pink dresses, suits or pants. The nude pink color is perfect for pairing with white, floral or colorful patterns. You can choose a feminine style by using a dress, or suit, or with a casual style such as pants and t-shirts. The pink coat is also very comfortable and safe to pair with any style, you can wear it in summer or winter. If you like an elegant style, you can add a cute pink fur jacket that will make your appearance even more charming. Let’s take a look at some styles using pink below.

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