Tips for Making Homemade Galaxy Nail Art as You Like

You can apply this Galaxy Nail Art idea at home with a choice of sky, blue, white yellow colors that form a galaxy of stars. Like moving the galaxy into your super beautiful and charming nails. This can be a new idea to beautify your nails and activities when you are at home. Being creative with nail art is certainly a fun thing and as an alternative to overcome boredom. Apart from being self-therapy, nail art will also make your mood better, when you see how beautiful your nails are.

Shop Online

If you don’t have a lot of nail polish at home, you can buy nail art needs online. Either through their own website, or in our favorite e-commerce. First, check the swatches in the catalog and adjust them to your skin color. We can also see a review of the swatches in each color.

Use Base Coat

Of course we feel uncomfortable when removing nail art and find yellowish stains on our nails, the way to avoid yellow stains on our nails is to use a base coat first. The base coat protects the nails from being directly exposed to the dye contained in the nail polish. A base coat will also make your nail polish last longer.


Use Top Coat

Top coat is also highly recommended to be used to make nail art results last longer. Top Coat keeps nail art from fading or peeling easily. Wearing a top coat also makes nail polish, whether the result will be glossy or matte. Certainly an important part to use.

Keep scratching

Don’t be afraid to be wrong, Don’t be afraid to be as creative as you like and don’t be afraid to scratch the wrong one. If it’s wrong, you can delete it again and over time you will also be able to make nail art, hopefully it will help you, Start to create your own homemade nail art.


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