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Korean fashion has had its own fan base around the world, in addition to popular for music and television dramas, Korean culture is also very close to the style of young people today. Among the many interesting things about Korean clothing, my favorite is a dress that is very suitable for Korean teenage girls. I think Korean teenagers are very happy to look sweet and elegant with dresses, a style that further accentuates the feminine side which is proving very popular as their style choice. Starting from the street style to formal, to a casual style that invites us to  [ Read More ]

Who is not familiar with batik outfit? This outfit is a cultural and characteristic symbol in Asia especially in Indonesia. At first appearance batik was only worn by royal family members or people who have a high social strata, but as the development time, batik has been commonly worn by each person has even become a fashion trend to foreign countries. Among the many batik motifs in Indonesia, maybe my favorite is batik couple outfits. This batik outfit style is very commonly used for those who want to appear compact with their partners, not even just parents, now many young  [ Read More ]

Do you also obsessed with cute and adorable Korean girl style? I think it’s reasonable. No wonder so many teen girl feel envious beauty and appearance, a famous Korean teen girl with simple style but still look elegant and charming. If you want to look beautiful like Korean girls, there are so many Korean-style fashion ideas that you can try. One is to combine dress with variety of fashions, such as a combination of dress with jacket, shirt, clothes or patterned scarf. Korean style has permeated various aspects of teenage life, especially in the Asian region. Their faces were cute,  [ Read More ]