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If you want to try something cool and stylish but still not too confident, why not try making a small tattoo on the neck? This is a cool way to show your friends that you can also appear bold with tattoos, and tattoos can also describe anything, whether you are a devout, a lover, or someone who follows the trend. Of course, the first thing to do is decide where you are going to make it, in the back, side or even right under your ear. Then determine what design you want to display for your new tattoo, it can  [ Read More ]

For some people, tattoos are not just the art of painting the body. Tattoos have become a part of their needs and lifestyle, especially for those of you who are happy with a work of art. Talk about tattoos, there is one cute and adorable characters are often used as the theme. Hello Kitty is very popular and widely used by people who are crazy about humor. I think it will sound reasonable if you want this cute pink cat character to decorate your body. Many tattoo enthusiasts want to get body art inspired by the Hello Kitty character, and  [ Read More ]

This time tattoos have become a lifestyle and supporting style of a person, there are even more women choose to wear a tattoo this year. Tattoos has evolved into a fashion symbol for the entire force, they draw their bodies with various themes are cool. So this is the reason why girls love tattoos so much. For girls who want to get a tattoo or a draw for the first time to get a tattoo, first of all you must choose between many options. You can start with small tattoo but still look cute and adorable. Usually, tattoo will be  [ Read More ]