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Christmas is just one more month. I’m sure many of you have already chosen a Christmas party dress that fits every Christmas Eve invitation. But choosing the right Christmas party fashion style sometimes has a lot of difficulties, the reason being that women want to look their best with their party dresses while the many designs of dresses, colors, and types of clothing make it difficult for them to choose the best Christmas party outfits for them. Today I will not add to the confusion you with many options Christmas party dress, I just wanted to recommend tulle gown that  [ Read More ]

How was your Halloween party? Is it fun or do you want to have another party for the last minute? If many women want to accentuate their appearance with Halloween costumes and makeup that will attract attention, some even lazy perform with costumes. For those of you who are among them, I’m sure you still want to have fun at Halloween especially for those of you who want to attend or hold a Halloween party with friends or family, surely it will look strange if you only wear mediocre clothes. Today I want to offer the right solution for Halloween  [ Read More ]

Who says women should always look feminine? Sometimes women also want to be masculine like men to show their existence in a lifestyle. Among the many masculine styles, military clothing is perhaps the most classic appearance that is in high demand. This outfit consists of one or two military parts combined with your everyday style like popular military jackets, leather belts, military pants, high boots, to military-style dresses. This idea is very interesting for those of you who are bored general wear and want to try something completely different. Military outfits usually worn by men, has become very popular in  [ Read More ]

There are always great and extraordinary things if you are on campus, including certain moments where you and your friends come to celebrate a party or festival. As of this year, Halloween is popular among college students who want to celebrate with your girl gang. Let’s invite friends or team girls to look compact and fashionable at Halloween parties on campus, if you are still confused about what Halloween costumes to wear, then you are lucky to be here because today we will have fun with Halloween costumes as a group. First, you need to match Halloween costumes as your  [ Read More ]

Hippie outfits or often called the bohemian style of choice for many women in every atmosphere. Boho chic outfit style gives you freedom in expressing your creativity and brave side through the fashion and style you wear. Fall has come, and if a lot of women think to dress boho not a good time to dress funky and wear all kinds of accessories or bold colors, I’m sure your mind will change after seeing the boho outfits collection this fall. Are you a woman who likes to express herself, be free, and love for art and music? If you are  [ Read More ]