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Batik has been known since ancient times, particularly by Indonesia. This unique patterned outfits is one of the national identities that cannot be separated from Indonesia. Not only as a cultural heritage, batik has now developed along with the development of fashion in more modern motifs and designs. It can be said that almost every woman in Indonesia has a collection of batik in their wardrobe, whether it’s dresses, shirts, skirts, blazers, jumpsuits and much more. Batik now has a variety of motifs and colors, maybe this is the reason why batik is favored by many women because it is  [ Read More ]

Music gives its own color and taste in many people’s lives, music is not only entertainment in leisure time but has become an inseparable part of life. Among the many types of music such as pop, classic, jazz, rock and many more, perhaps the most popular rock music from time to time. If in the past the trend of rock music was only in demand by men, today many women also like this type of music, not even a few of them who try to apply it with a outfits style. Have you ever gone to a rock concert? So  [ Read More ]

Have a plan this summer? Or you have already prepared all your holiday needs and hope to get a nice weekend. Almost all women want to look trendy when they want a vacation, but many of them still doubt and wonder about what outfits they should wear. Holidays and summer are synonymous with waves and beaches, this is a time when you have to sunbathe with outfits that are ideal for flattening skin tone. This is the best time to show skin, show off your body, and appear attractive to a superb holiday outfits. Some women like tropical styles, but  [ Read More ]

When going to a baseball game there is always contemplation in everyone’s mind, what would you wear for a baseball match? Some people think they should wear a game day dress, while many also choose a jersey team that shows your love for your favorite team. It’s all not wrong, fortunately today there are a lot of celebrities who come to baseball matches using sportswear that can offer some style guides that you will need when putting together appearances for style in the stadium. For me, maybe coming to a baseball game isn’t just just watching the game. There are  [ Read More ]

Teenage girls especially those who are still in school are usually happy to be active and like to hang out. It shows that your identity freely and do not like complicated things, including in matters of dress. Although some teenage girls are very attentive to your style of appearance, basically they have a relaxed personality. Sneakers are not one of the extraordinary fashion items or not the first thing to be judged about you, but for teenage girls sneakers are first on the list of things that reveal a lot about you. The reason is quite simple, they are comfortable  [ Read More ]