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Who says women should always look feminine? Sometimes women also want to be masculine like men to show their existence in a lifestyle. Among the many masculine styles, military clothing is perhaps the most classic appearance that is in high demand. This outfit consists of one or two military parts combined with your everyday style like popular military jackets, leather belts, military pants, high boots, to military-style dresses. This idea is very interesting for those of you who are bored general wear and want to try something completely different. Military outfits usually worn by men, has become very popular in  [ Read More ]

Who is not familiar with batik outfit? This outfit is a cultural and characteristic symbol in Asia especially in Indonesia. At first appearance batik was only worn by royal family members or people who have a high social strata, but as the development time, batik has been commonly worn by each person has even become a fashion trend to foreign countries. Among the many batik motifs in Indonesia, maybe my favorite is batik couple outfits. This batik outfit style is very commonly used for those who want to appear compact with their partners, not even just parents, now many young  [ Read More ]

By winter, I’m sure you have prepared several pieces of outfit that you will often wear. Forget to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts when you want to travel, since the days of the cold makes everyone lazy to leave the house let alone with your favorite casual outfit. Besides the jacket, who doesn’t know sweaters? This year there are many collections of sweaters that are still a trend in winter. Among the various collections of sweaters, maybe a crochet sweater will be the most prominent, even you can save your money with your own crochet sweater. Fortunately, there are many  [ Read More ]

Not only women with their weight problem, many men are experiencing the same thing that makes them often feel insecure. Usually men who are busy with their work will ignore their eating patterns, and that results in their weight becoming out of control. Based on my personal experience, maintaining body shape is difficult for several reasons, but that is not an excuse for those of you who want to have a good body shape. The reason is what makes many men have to spend their time to exercise or go to the gym. But not all men think about their  [ Read More ]

Halloween day is approaching, have you prepared the right costumes for an unforgettable Halloween party? I’m sure some people still consider the most appropriate Halloween outfit for them to wear. Whatever your choice of costume, all of it will not be complete without Halloween makeup. Do you want to look dramatic, funny or even scary, start by determining the Halloween makeup ideas that fit your costume. Even if you still haven’t made a costume choice, this Halloween makeup idea will help you with some easy DIY makeup. Try combining some cosmetics, paints, and of course glitter to get amazing makeup.  [ Read More ]