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Batik has been known since ancient times, particularly by Indonesia. This unique patterned outfits is one of the national identities that cannot be separated from Indonesia. Not only as a cultural heritage, batik has now developed along with the development of fashion in more modern motifs and designs. It can be said that almost every woman in Indonesia has a collection of batik in their wardrobe, whether it’s dresses, shirts, skirts, blazers, jumpsuits and much more. Batik now has a variety of motifs and colors, maybe this is the reason why batik is favored by many women because it is  [ Read More ]

Having a girl is really fun for parents, especially when they start to enjoy dressing up and want to look beautiful. Among the many styles of girls, hair style is inseparable to support their appearance. But reassure children who agitated to stand still, especially for the hairstyle is not an easy task. Not to mention you still have to prepare breakfast for them to go to school, of course this will be a problem that is often encountered by most parents. Hairstyles to school can be very complicated, and those of you who have girls who can’t keep quiet will  [ Read More ]

If the first ear piercing only used by women, now has long developed the trend of ear piercing for men. Ear piercing ideas is a brave body modification and much in demand, especially among teenagers. They consider the piercing will increase confidence and was able to completely change your appearance to be more cool and masculine. But like most unique trends, the idea of ear piercing is considered unsuitable for men, when in fact this accessory is very different from earrings that are often used by most women. Ear piercing accessories for men usually have quite unique models, even they  [ Read More ]

Having twins is a priceless gift, especially if your twins are boys and girls. You will know what it’s like to be a real parent, how difficult it is to take care of two children at once, and how happy they are to know that they have grown up without being noticed. Parents would love their kids more than anything, keep them and meet all their needs, including in matters of choosing outfits. There are many twin outfit ideas today, even you can easily buy them at kids clothing stores or online. But many parents are still hesitant in determining  [ Read More ]

Music gives its own color and taste in many people’s lives, music is not only entertainment in leisure time but has become an inseparable part of life. Among the many types of music such as pop, classic, jazz, rock and many more, perhaps the most popular rock music from time to time. If in the past the trend of rock music was only in demand by men, today many women also like this type of music, not even a few of them who try to apply it with a outfits style. Have you ever gone to a rock concert? So  [ Read More ]