Christmas is still about a month, but many women are choosing their Christmas style to be able to appear attractive at the party. Besides clothes and accessories, making manicures or nail art is a must-do if you want to look perfect for this year’s Christmas party. Luckily, there are a lot of nail art inspiration that you can apply with a little creativity to create unique nail art or make a more beautiful manicure, so that you will be the center of attention. However, not a few women are still confused in determining their Christmas nail art and if you  [ Read More ]

Nail polish trends are always at the forefront of supporting a woman’s appearance, no matter what style of clothing you wear, nail art will make you more beautiful and appear more confident. Talking about nail art, acrylic is the most popular nail design today. Apart from being able to last long and be stronger, acrylic is still the easiest way to get beautiful nail appearance in a fast way. But that does not mean acrylic nail art has no weaknesses, many women are hesitant to use it because they are afraid that it will have a bad impact because they  [ Read More ]