We all know that the hijab is the most common clothing worn by Muslim teenagers and women. If this style was once synonymous with large and loose clothing, but now the hijab trend has developed into Muslim outfits that is no less fashionable with a blend of modern style. Many women apply the hijab outfits to their daily style, such as work, to school to walks with friends. But you know if hijab can also be combined with a blazer? Outwear trends are now increasingly in demand by active women, and one of my favorite outwear items is a blazer.  [ Read More ]

Many women who wear hijab often have difficulty in choosing sportswear, especially if you are someone who likes to exercise, surely it will be very troublesome. If you happen to like sports but want to wear your hijab, then don’t be quick to give up because right now there are a lot of hijab outfits to bring your sporty look to the hijab. It may sound less convincing, but believe me I have accumulated more than you think for hijab sport wear gallery. Hijab women can now look fashionable and sporty with their own style, even some clothes are designed  [ Read More ]

Modern hijab styles are much loved by teenagers today, moreover these clothes are very appropriate as the main choice during the month of Ramadan. Teens usually pleased with hijab style is simple and not too complicated, look cute yet elegant blend of clothing worn. Towards the beginning of Ramadan, many Muslim women want to change their appearance to become better people. Because this month also coincides with fasting for those of you running it, so you have to be smart in managing schedules or even reducing some of the activities you normally do every day. Even so, you can still  [ Read More ]