Towards winter, there are several types of clothes that we must always wear, and one of them is a jacket. If you are currently bored with mediocre jackets, why don’t you try wearing a leather jacket for your winter clothing collection. Leather jackets can make a good fashion statement for all stylish women, so it’s not just men who are fit to wear this jacket to support their appearance. Leather jackets have good material to keep us warm even in cold weather, these clothes never go out of style even though they have not undergone many changes in design and  [ Read More ]

When we talk about men’s fashion, certainly will haunt our minds masculine style, cool and handsome. This is the first post and I were eager to featuring men’s street style with leather jacket, probably because I was also very happy wearing a leather jacket, especially when driving. There is a deep sense of when the smell the leather jacket, it really reflects life of a real man. Leather jacket rider like hitting the human scent in a good way. Simple design is the impression that is different for each person significantly, leather jacket identical to black and brown color is  [ Read More ]