Who says women should always look feminine? Sometimes women also want to be masculine like men to show their existence in a lifestyle. Among the many masculine styles, military clothing is perhaps the most classic appearance that is in high demand. This outfit consists of one or two military parts combined with your everyday style like popular military jackets, leather belts, military pants, high boots, to military-style dresses. This idea is very interesting for those of you who are bored general wear and want to try something completely different. Military outfits usually worn by men, has become very popular in  [ Read More ]

Military style trends is that more in demand by women around the world, because it is not surprising that this style makes many women appear confident with fashion formerly identical with the army. Fashion military has taken hearts of everyone, the designers managed to turn the idea of a harsh military uniform in the direction of cool and stylish for women. If we talk about the military trend, mainly representing all fields, the jacket is very important here. You can mix and match military jacket with denim fashion for street style, they also look lovely with feminine style, or you  [ Read More ]